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The Glory and The White Men

Satan will try to put back the mind of our old man in us to cause us to mind earthly things and to bring about our

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Thomas Jeffereson

Although the Declaration of Independence adopted on July 4, 1776 had undergone a series of revisions from Jefferson's original draft, its immortal words remain essentially his own

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Loma Prieta Earthquake

Following months of electromagnetically calm data, his instrument had suddenly picked up signals that saturated the measurement system. Without significant earthquake insurance penetration to facilitate rebuilding, the

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Racial Targeting

racial Targeting

with African Americans. U.S, Congresswoman Maxine Waters said she was followed around a store and required to show her key at a hotel, unlike whites who entered before her ( New York City). It is a disturbing picture being painted. To drive home the point, she compared Domino's to 7-Eleven. Racial profiling does not refer to the act of a law enforcement agent pursuing a suspect in which the specific description of the suspect includes race or ethnicity in combination with other identifying factors. They sued, and were awarded.2 million judgement; the.S. After making several purchases, they went to the cosmetics counter to redeem a coupon.

It is significant to note that research confirms the existence of bias in decisions to shoot. The franchise industry is worth 170 billion and has a lot of powerful vested interests who would prefer to leave it intact. If this is true, it is a grave concern given the inquiry is only part way through and clearly shows there are issues. In 2001, the Asian Freedom Project of Wisconsin issued a report that found the racial profiling of Hmong communities there, and included the testimony of adults, as well as boys and girls. Read more by downloading the PDF below. Retrieved 18:42, August 05, 2018, from. Demonstrations were held almost daily, along with the arrests of over 1,200 people in planned civil disobedience. However, of these 36 majority-white precincts, only 13 were in the top half of precincts showing most "stops" during the period. Witnesses reported that following Thomas' funeral, six city swat team officers shot pellet-filled bags into a peaceful crowd. Two people hit by the pellets filed lawsuits. Wen Ho Lee, a Taiwanese American was targeted and suspected of espionage on the basis of his race. "Gang" Database Racial Profiling, in, orange County California, a database containing the names and photographs of reputed gang members appeared to racially profile.

racial Targeting

They believe slavery a sin, we do not and there lies the trouble.
Racial profiling is the act of suspecting or targeting a person of a certain race on the basis of observed characteristics or behavior, rather than on individual suspicion.

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