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Women in greek art

2 Byzantine art grew from the art of ancient Greece and, at least before 1453, never lost sight of its classical heritage, but was distinguished from it

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Possibility of Internet Privacy

With all these changes, it seems that there is a trend towards publicizing privacy policy and making people more aware of the topic. Posted on August 19

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Hollywood: movie money makers

But actors are not everything. Founder of Hollywood Film Institute, instructor and producer, has elaborated on topics of film making as a business; business of making an

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Cloning into the Future

cloning into the Future

has publicly announced the successful creation of a human clone. The birth of viable offspring from somatic cell nuclear transfer (scnt) in mammals caused a major re-examination of the understanding of the commitment of cells to specific tissue lineages during differentiation. Scientists have tried it bringing back to life using DNA samples from Celia, the last ibex. Conversely, a follow-up study by Kevin Sinclair, a professor of biology at Nottingham University, found cloned animals are capable of ageing healthily.

Ethical Views on the Discovery of Human Cloning
Norway Becomes Model for Future US Drilling

"The process of cloning a pet from start to finish can take 8 to 12 months the company said in a statement. Dolly was cloned using a process known as somatic cell nuclear transfer (scnt) which takes a somatic cell, such as a skin cell, and transfers its DNA to an egg cell with its nucleus removed. One couple in the UK recently spent 67,000 on cloning their dead dog after sending the DNA to a company in South Korea. "iPSCs have the potential to become multipurpose research and clinical tools to understand and model diseases, develop and screen candidate drugs, and deliver cell-replacement therapy to support regenerative medicine researcher Charles Goldthwaite wrote about the potential of the method. But it would be your clone, your replica, and he or she might bring your loved ones a little relief from your death. While most cloning techniques are still within laboratories, there is a commercial industry that exists to produce clones of animals. Remove the nucleus from both, pop the one from the body cell into the now-empty egg cell, and you get a cell that's ready to begin doubling.

Prediction of the Future
Controversy of Cloning
Mans Travel into the Future

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