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Recollection Thoery

Times have changed since moliere. He blamed wilfrid flushing, who was so well dressed and so formal; he blamed hewet and rachel. "if you continue in

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My Mistresss Eyes: William Shakespeare

(Students are listening to the sonnet one more time and marking the stressed words in it) Teacher : Which words are stressed? Students: The dark lady is

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What is reality?

If we would have told our ancestors in the 15th century that the water we drink contains living organisms; before Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek saw a squirming amoeba

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Time is Ephemeral

time is Ephemeral

the hungry hordes descend. That light traveled 149 million kilometers to dance on my wall in bright color. We invented incredible precise systems to measure time and coordinates. . It's also a play on a dictum of the father of general semantics, Alfred Korzybski: "The map is not the territory". From Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. On sunny days, late afternoon light streams through these old glass bottles, creating a colorful, ephemeral display that lasts for a few moments before the sun drops below our neighbors the Christian Fundamentalism house. Show us what ephemeral means to you. From New Latin ephemerus, from Ancient Greek (ephmeros the more common form of (ephemerios, "of, for, or during the day, living or lasting but for a day, short-lived, temporary from (epi, "on (hmera, "day).

Ephemeral, definition of, ephemeral by Merriam-Webster
Proposed features/ ephemeral, openStreetMap Wiki

Photo by Krista, ephemeral: adjective. From The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition. Modern tools give us a sense of precision and control. . So looking forward to see the fleeing moments youll capture!

From Greek ephmeros : ep-, epi-, epi- hmer, day. One thing I love about taking photos is that it forces me to be present to consider and appreciate now, before now evaporates and becomes then. Lasting for a very short time. Feel free to check out every location on Google Earth. . Ephemeral Geography is an ongoing personal project. This project tries to show the contrast between all the precise data we can get and the impermanence resulting of time and entropy. How to use ephemeral in a sentence. The Mayfly Helps To Illustrate ephemeral. of the time is impossible to be determined by mapped and is a completely arbritrary value. Ephemeral dry_season has no obvious meaning.

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Mais vous avez, Ho-Phap, une crampe a la main, Renvoyons notre causerie pour demain. Although intoxicants are equally forbidden to the Cao-Daist faithful, I noticed many..
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