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The Human Growth Hormone

This website contains information pertaining to disorders of growth, growth hormone, and related endocrine or metabolic issues. The use of HGH for anti-aging is not FDA-approved. Human

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The Natural tendency To Classify

Because people do not think much or not very well, the argument goes, they let all sorts of unwarranted beliefs clutter their mental furniture. We should explain

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The Myth of Cinderella

That sounds a lot like the prank Fairy King Oberon plays on his wife, Titania, in Shakespeare's. Su is certain, will abduct and rape her. Oberon gets

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Privacy vs. Security

A study in the wake of the Snowden revelations showed that there was notable change in public attitudes about NSA surveillance programs when questions were modified. Bush

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The Definition of Holocaust

Aaron pressman, Fortune, "Data SheetTech Industry Condemns Migrant Child Separation Policy. Hitler was a horrible man who hated Jews. To wander in those lands, lonely, homeless, always

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Teacher Shortage In America

Washington Post has reported that state government officials of both parties have taken drastic steps to address the Teacher Shortage: In response, policymakers have taken steps to

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How Alcohol Affects People

how Alcohol Affects People

there are severe risks if alcohol abuse continues. To understand the link between the two, it is first helpful to understand the effects that alcohol has on the brain as a whole. (walking a straight line, buttoning a coat). But first, establishing what "moderate drinking" means is key for anyone looking for health benefits associated with alcohol, Zakhari said. Once in the central nervous system, alcohol causes alterations in behavior by acting upon specific regions in the brain susceptible to chemical modifications. ( 13 ) Hypothalamus Also a part of the limbic system, the hypothalamus has connections to many systems and is involved in learning and memory, regulatory functions, eating/drinking, temperature control, hormone regulation and emotion. Heavy drinkers run a much higher risk of mouth and throat cancer. Because of the large amounts of stomach juices produced, greater amounts of alcohol dull the appetite and can cause malnutrition. Alcohol abuse can also lead to liver cancer, pancreatitis and diabetes.

As the concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream (BAC levels) increases, the body's functions and behaviors change. Liver, breast, immune System: Drinking too much can weaken your immune system, making your body a much easier target for disease. . BAC.50 A person slips into a coma; breathing, heart action and blood pressure are decreased drastically to a dangerously low point; the brain cannot control body temperature; death can and often does occur.  The alterations of neurotransmitters within the specific regions cause changes in an individuals behavior and motor functions. Read Next: What Sugar Does to Your Brain.

( 30 ) Cerebellar Syndrome with Anterior Superior Vermal Atrophy: Patient presents symptoms of a broad-based gait, difficulty with eye movements and dysarthria (slowed or slurred speech). Norepinephrine The release of norepinephrine in conjunction with the temporary increases adrenaline, cortisol and dopamine creates a stress-free, party feeling. Understanding the condition itself, the reasons people with BPD are more susceptible to alcoholism and the potential consequences helps you see the affect alcohol can have. In combination with the assumption that alcohol can be used to dampen the effects of the condition, this search for immediate gratification makes drinking the preferred solution to their problems. When the concentration of alcohol and gastric juices becomes high enough and irritation to the lining is increased, the reflex action of vomiting is triggered as the body's way of relieving some of this irritation 20 of alcohol consumed is absorbed into the bloodstream through. ( 26 ) Korsakoffs Psychosis Effects 80 to 90 percent of individuals with Wernicke encephalopathy. Studies have shown that a pathway that is repeatedly activated, in this case by drinking, becomes covered by a mesh-like glue that makes it difficult to form new synapses or break old ones. Liver: Heavy drinking takes a toll on the liver, and can lead to a variety of problems and liver inflammations including: Steatosis, or fatty liver.

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